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Wedding Venue: For Sale

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By , May 11, 2012 9:48 am

The proprietor of a wedding venue at Ponte Vedra that owes $ 180000 dollars to clients is planning to sell his property.
On Wednesday, the office of St. Johns County Sheriff notified clients that they are looking into the Palm Valley Gardens.

Nat Fogle, the PVG client told that her girlfriend is devastated and he thinks this is the right word for it. Nat is assaying legal action after the pair, along with more than fifty other pairs, shook off their wedding places as well as deposits of $ 3600 each couple.

Fogle told that they got a mail from the County Sheriff’s office that reads that they are figuring out that whether they should go for legal ramifications or not. Last week, the Palm Valley Gardens were shut down by St. Johns County for a permit violation, but they allowed them to operate for the next 180 days so that the clients who are already booked do not feel betrayed. In an interview on 3rd May, Ren Weise, the owner of PVG said that grace time did not serve. Two weeks from now, they will be out of business, they do not have any cash flow as they were unable to book any bride for next year.

Charles Fyler, the bankruptcy attorney told that any business that is responsible must have an operating account and they must not be running on deposits. Fyler doubts that anyone will recover the entire amount, and might have to do with hiring a separate venue from a local company that was offering affected couples discounted marquee hire prices.

Weise told the amount is around $ 30000, he told First Coast News in an interview via phone. He has been paying for the previous 2 years or so. But on Wednesday, Courts office Clerk found that there are no records of those payments.
At present, Weise wants to sell the place in the next forty-five days and he also expects that the new owner of the place will honor the already booked weddings.

Wedding Venue

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By , March 11, 2012 9:52 am

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