Founder of Elizabethtown Rescue Group Holds Puppies Instead of Bouquets in Wedding Photoshoot

By , October 10, 2016 7:15 am

Sarah Mallouk Crain, one of the members of the founding board of Pitties.Love.Peace, an Elizabethan rescue group, broke the monotony of holding flowers by carrying puppies. However, she also made her bridesmaids to do the same.

Crain describes that it was absolutely crazy to propagate this idea in her wedding that took place on 10th September.

There was a photoshoot session where all the bridesmaids were seen carrying boxer-coonhound puppies. All the puppies were of the same age of eight months. There were total five puppies that are named after the first five presidential ladies. The first one was Martha second one being Abigail, third one was Dolley, fourth one was Elizabeth and last but not the least was Louisa.

As far as the bride was concerned, she had carried a pitbull namely Biggie Smalls, which was nine weeks old and was rescued from Brooklyn.

Although for the traditional ceremony the bride and bridesmaids held flower bouquets and puppies were only for the photoshoot.

Crain said that her photographer Caroline Logan found it very easy to shoot with the puppies. All the poses of the brides and the bridesmaids were natural and effortless as they hold the beautiful puppies.

According to the photographer, although it was her work to make each and every photo beautiful, she believes that everything fell into place as the puppies acted as great stress relievers. All the puppies were extremely well behaved and everything went swiftly and there was absolutely no problems with them.

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