How Much Does Wedding Catering Cost?

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Caribbean Catering – Florida Keys Wedding – Catering for Weddings – Planner – Sunset Weddings

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Caribbean Catering – Florida Keys Wedding – Catering for Weddings – Planner – Sunset Weddings

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Huge problem for weddings

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By admin, February 12, 2014 9:01 pm

These days, Facebook as well as other social networking sites are full of wedding snaps of people. And as summer, lends us to the marriage season, social networking sites are once again becoming the top wedding crasher.

Whether it is a cell phone shot or a bad-timed Instagram snap of the bride and the groom – these social mediums have simply become unavoidable. Rachael Bentick has been involved in more than one thousand weddings in the last ten years.  She has seen well how social mediums have ruined wedding memories.

While speaking to a leading website, she told that social media could turn a joyful day into a catastrophic one with just a single Tweet. She has seen everything from unflattering snaps to untimely ‘reveal’ of the bride even before the groom has even seen her on the wedding day. Once, t here was a police officer who used “Don’t cross” sign tape as a joke in their wedding snaps that were then posted on Facebook. The snaps had to be taken down quickly, since it was not a very appropriate thing to do.

She also added that on yet another occasion; they had to remove the snaps of a couple from Facebook as the bride’s Auntie did not get along with the family members and was uploading unpleasant remarks on the snaps. The online sharing of a couple’s extraordinarily and eternal private moment really is becoming an unbelievably tricky dilemma for newly married couple these days.

Wedding Catering NYC Indian Wedding Catering NYC Indian Wedding NYC

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Hospital chapel wedding in Houston

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It is not often that TV cameras are asked to see and share a joy of wedding ceremony, but Saturday’s wedding was not the same. It is a story that is difficult to forget. Lolaycia Lewis is not like any other bride.

She told that she is all set to jump this broom. She has been quite ready for some time now. Lolaycia is the younger daughter of Timothy Lewis and Teila Lewis. With all the smiles, it is difficult to tell that the wedding actually happened in a hospital chapel.

Timothy Lewis told that to have this energy to be able to walk his daughter down the aisle is very special for him. The father of the bride is on the list of heart transplant. Seven days ago, he was taken to the Methodist Hospital.

This is the reason why his daughter Lolaycia Lewis and her lover Melmiah Walker altered their March wedding plans and put the wedding ceremony in 7 days. Timothy Lewis told that his daughter insisted him to be a part of her wedding at any cost.

The bride stated that she wanted to make sure her dad was going to be at her wedding. She has all of the optimism in the world, all of the faith; but she wanted to make sure her dad was able to walk her down the aisle.

The groom told that they wanted to show that they love him and they wanted him to be there to witness their engagement and to be one.