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Wedding photographer hits back with million dollar lawsuit

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By index, April 20, 2015 4:00 pm

Well, the story is still going on. Earlier there were reports about the newlyweds who were suing their photographer regarding their wedding album cover.

Now things have changed a lot. The wedding photographer is now hitting them back with a suit of her own against the pairs for all the damages linked with defamation of reputation and character for upwards of US$ 1000000.

For a short refresher, the newly married Moldovans said that their wedding photographer, Andrea Polito, based in Dallas, was holding their wedding snaps as hostage till they paid for a marriage album cover that was not in their deal.

The Moldovans reached Polito just a few months following their wedding to order the marriage album that was included in their deal as a “40 page 8.5×12 storybook album with up to 80 images.” Polito said them that they required to first select a cover for the album that would start at US$ 125 and would be outside their US$ 6000 deal that is already paid to Polito. Several increasingly heated mails later led them to lawsuit No 1, now Polito is hitting back with all guns blazing and a lawsuit that could cost the Moldovans somewhere between US$ 200000 and US$ 1000000. Continue reading 'Wedding photographer hits back with million dollar lawsuit'»

Orlando Wedding Catering Companies

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Wedding catering to a T by Thomas THE Caterer

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Joe and Sofma postpone wedding for work commitment

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Joe Manganiello and Sofma Vergara have postponed their marriage ceremony. Wile the pair have plotted on tying the knot later this summer, Manganiello was filming promotional commitments to the Magic Mike XXL have thrown a wrench in the works.

Talking to Page Six at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, on Sunday, the Modern Family star stated that while they were left with little option but to hit the brakes, she is upset that she could not be Mrs Manganiello sooner. She told that the waiting is really killing her.

The forty two year old told that it is really killing her. They wanted to tie the knot later this summer, but Joe would be busy promoting Magic Mike 2. They wanted to tie the knot at a time when they could get away and also make some time for a honeymoon Therefore the wedding would take place later this year. Continue reading 'Joe and Sofma postpone wedding for work commitment'»

Indian Wedding Catering Long Island at Antuns by Minar

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