Indian Wedding Catering Long Island at Antuns by Minar

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Lance Bass set to be a part of a Florida mass same-sex wedding

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Lance Bass, the Former N Sync singer, would attend a mass same-sex marriage event in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, next week. The event will see around same as well as opposite-sex couples and would take place on Ford Lauderdale Beach at sunrise.

Arranged by Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitiors Bureau, the mass-wedding theme was dubbed as “love is love”. The couples would tie the knot on 5th February. Lance would serve as an ambassador at the event that would be officiated by Reverend Dr Durrell Watkins, a senior minister at Sunshine Cathedral.

In a statement, Visitors Bureau’s CEO and president Nicki Grossman said that Lance shares the same pioneering spirit of advocating for LGBT equality that they embody here in Greater Fort Lauderdale. Continue reading 'Lance Bass set to be a part of a Florida mass same-sex wedding'»

High Tea Wedding – High Tea Wedding Catering – Pure Catering

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Wedding Catering Penang | Catering Expert Penang

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New York couple fined for not hosting same-sex wedding

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Robert and Cynthia Gifford are the new people to get caught in a same-sex wedding nightmare. The couple has been forced to defend themselves against reports that they are lesbian hating homophobes. It was reported in several sites that Cynthia stated that they care and respect everyone. Last season, they had an openly gay man working for them. They have had a lady who is transitioning to be a man. They do not discriminate against anyone.
Now the New York state government sees these things in a different way. The couple, who own bucolic Liberty Ridge Farm in New York, were asked to pay a total of US$ 13000  a US$ 10000 fine to the state as well as another US$ 1500 to each member of a lesbian couple to make up them for mental anguish. All because the couple, devout Christians, denied to arrange a same sex marriage ceremony on the property on which they work, live and have raised a daughter, who is now 17, and a son, who is now 21.
Cynthia Gifford stated that this is very scary. It is scary for all US people. 15 years ago, Cynthia, now 54, and Robert Gifford, now 55, opened their farm to the public in upstate Schaghticoke, located near Albany, where they have stayed for twenty five years. They arrange an annual, family friendly fall fest that ends on Tuesday, offering such rustic fare as a corn maze as well as pig racing shows.

Chef Doug And Camille On Arizona Wedding Catering Trends

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